Front of BRCMSBoca Raton Community Middle School

Since 1969 Boca Raton Community Middle School has been serving the community as a public secondary school located in Palm Beach County, Florida. In 2007, we moved into our current facility, located just west of our prior location.

Each classroom in our new building is equipped with multi-­media equipment:

  • A wireless data projector with daylight view projector technology
  • Four-­speaker distributed audio enhancement with infrared wireless microphones
  • Computer-­ interfaced GUI
  • A document camera

The location of our former facility has been converted into athletic fields (baseball, soccer, track, tennis).

BRCMS serves a population of 1347 students in grades six through eight with 135 faculty and staff members. We have been an "A" school since the 2001-­2002 school year.

BRCMS staff continues to implement a Single School Culture for both academics and behavior. A uniform tardy policy, a standard dress code, and a school-­‐wide gum and candy policy are implemented.

An Instructional Council comprised of department chairpersons works collaboratively with administration to achieve consensus on academic program implementation. A safe school environment is stressed and nurtured by the provision, implementation, and reinforcement of numerous Safe Schools' programs aimed at educating students for productive citizenship.

Our primary mission will be to ensure academic excellence for ALL students in a safe well-­ordered environment where students and teachers can focus on quality teaching and learning.

  • Peter T. Slack, Principal
  • Joshua Davidow, 6th grade Assistant Principal
  • Jude Hodgens, 8th grade Assistant Principal
  • Nancy Holly, 7th grade Assistant Principal
  • Margaret McDonald, Assistant Principal of Adult & Community Education
Contact Information:

1251 NW 8th Street
Boca Raton, Florida 33486
(561) 416-8700

School Hours: 9:30am – 4:14pm

School Mascot: Cobra

School Colors: Green and Gold

Dress Code: Solid-­‐colored collared polo/golf style shirt and solid-­colored slacks, knee-­length shorts or knee-­length skirts

Sports: Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Cheerleading, Swimming, Track & Field, Soccer, Dance Team.

Academic Clubs: Chess club, BART, Art club, Math club, Green club, SECME

Choice Academies: Pre-­‐Medical Science and Mathematics

Exceptional Student Education Programs: Gifted, self contained models for EBD and IND, Asperger's model, content equivalent Math and Language Arts, and inclusive support in Science and Social Studies English Language Learners Programs: content equivalent Math and Language Arts, and inclusive support in Science and Social Studies

High School credit courses offered: Spanish I, Algebra I Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra II Honors, Honors Earth-­‐Space Science, Medical Skills and Services, and Computer Colleges and Careers

Academic via Individual Determination (AVID) Program: College & Career readiness program

Music programs: Beginning Band, Symphonic Band, Orchestra Band, Beginning Chorus, and Performance Choir